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At Kilmacolm Dental Care we pride ourselves on looking after our younger patients. We understand the importance of ensuring that your children have healthy smiles and are always willing to work with both you and your children to ensure this is achieved.

It is never too young to start bringing your children to the dentist. As soon as the first tooth appears you should be brushing you child's teeth and visiting the dentist regularly. This will get you child into the routine of visiting the dentist and will prevent a dental visit becoming a big issue in the later years.

Our aim is not to treat dental decay in these young patients but to prevent it occurring. We offer a ranger of treatments to help children keep there smiles sparkling including:

Braces for children
Our highly trained dental team is aware of the great feeling you have with perfect, straight teeth. We will carefully examine your child's teeth at their check up and refer them to specially trained Orthodontists should the need arise. We will also take time to check your child's teeth whilst they are wearing their brace to ensure that their tooth brushing is perfect!

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation for your child.


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