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Common Problems

Dark Lines Above Crown

Many patients also decide to have their existing crowns replaced if they have a dark margin around the gum or have become discoloured and do not match your teeth. At Kilmacolm Dental Care we use the most natural materials in our crowns and veneers to ensure your smile is as natural and healthy as possible. Metal Fillings

Patients at Kiolmacolm Dental Care frequently express their concerns regarding the appearance and health effects of metal, mercury fillings. Mr Lynch can provide you with naturally appearing white fillings which blend seamlessly into your smile. White fillings offer a number of benefits, primary, they are much less damaging to your teeth, they avoid the health concerns associated with mercury and are metal free- making them less sensitive to hot and cold foods.

Crooked, Spaced or Mismatched Teeth

If you have missed out on braces as a teenager and have crooked or spaced teeth then we could benefit you. There are several options for improving your smile and remember, you are never too old to have the smile you deserve! Mr Lynch will carefully examine you and discuss your goals, meaning that you could benefit from our invisible braces, metal free cosmetic crowns or veneers

Missing Teeth or Loose Dentures

There are a number of options available to replace missing teeth and regain the confidence and comfort you desire. The most natural and effective way to achieve this is dental implants, dentures and cosmetic bridges may also be suitable.

Invisible Braces/Crowns/Veneers/

Bleeding Gums - Gingivitis.

Gum problems are the biggest cause of tooth loss in the UK . This is a very common dental problem affecting over 80% of the population. At Kilmacolm Dental Care we provide screening and the subsequent treatment required from our specially trained Dental Hygienist.

Yellow/Discolored Teeth

Teeth may be discolored by extrinsic factors such as smoking, coffee, red wine or intrinsic factors where the teeth are naturally yellow, through aging. Once the cause has been established Mr Lynch can recommend the most suitable treatment which may involve tooth whitening, crowns or veneers.

At Kilmacolm Dental Care we aim to overcome and resolve any dental problems which are of concern to you. We take the time to listen to your individual needs in order to ensure your treatment is tailored to meet your expectations.